At present, our school has 36 undergraduate majors, covering 7 disciplines of medicine, engineering, literature, science, management, education, law and so on; 4 national characteristic specialty construction points of clinical medicine, medical imaging, nursing, pharmacy, 8 characteristic specialized construction sites at the provincial level of clinical medicine, medical imaging, nursing, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, biotechnology, medical inspection technology and so on.

Medicine is our traditional major and one of our pluses. After 40 years’ accumulation, the issues of teaching staff, experimental teaching conditions, the teaching content and method are relatively mature, the quality of teaching and talent training quality have won good reputation in the society. To make full use of the medical profession superiority, other related medical majors are also promoted. At present, relying on 4 national characteristic specialty and 8 provincial characteristics, 4 professional groups of medicine, medicine-profession, medicine-pharmacy, and medicine-skill have been gradually formed. Linking to the social demand, and basing on medical science, a discipline and profession system with distinct features has been formed.

According to the school general principles of professional development of “outstanding theme, focus investment, various development, competition encouragement”, the school is out to optimize the talent training scheme, and nurture professional characteristics. On the need of the society, actively attracting the participation of major stakeholders, and optimizing further the talent training scheme, the professional characteristic of “one major, one skill, and learning-practicing combination” has been finally formed. Cooperating with the industries, enterprise institutes, associations, the latest education requirements of the profession and the development direction is got. With the quality engineering projects, excellent engineers, college students’ innovative entrepreneurial projects, famous school construction, etc, the funding and incentive mechanism are largely increased, and the demonstration and leading projects have been formed, thus promoting the growth and development of medical professions.

In order to adapt to the continuous development of social economy and employment status changing, the school also puts forward new demands to medical discipline and specialty construction. There will be a new round of argumentation and revision of the current cultivation scheme every four to five years in order to clear training objectives, optimize curriculum system, adjust the teaching content, adapt to the demand for high quality medical talents of the national social and economic development. Our school has completed the revision of professional talent training scheme for 3 times in 2002, 2006, and 2010 respectively. In September 2013, our school starts the revision of 2014 version of the training scheme again to further clear training objectives, highlight the characteristics of professions, real qualified student online autonomous elective courses, and make a solid step to implement credit system reform.