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Book Resources

As the school literature information center, the library of Taishan Medical University contains a comprehensive business department, the ministry of construction resources, department of book borrowing and lending, office of newspaper reading, department of information consulting, office of literature retrieval, department of digital and automatic information, department of reader service in Tian Waicun Campus, and office of reading therapy research.

Composed of the Main Campus and Tian Waicun Campus, the library of Taishan Medical University covers and area of 41,411 square meters. Currently, the library has 12 stacks, 7 reading rooms, 3 electronic reading rooms, and 2, 218 reading seats.

The library has a total of 2.6656 million books, including 1.4898 million paper books, 1.1758 million electronic books, 1, 422 Chinese periodicals of 1, 222 kinds, 86 kinds of foreign periodicals, 109 newspaper of 37 kinds, and 15 electronic databases of Chinese and foreign languages.

The library has 9 stack rooms with the opening hours of 48-50.5 a week. The annual borrowing number is about 500,000. With the opening hours of 74-76 a week, the reading rooms will serve 275,000 readers a year.

To serve the readers better, the library employs the managing system of borrowing, reading, and collecting, which embodies the humanized service. Based on the traditional bent frame, each book in the book shelf is labeled for its positioning, in this way, it is greatly convenient for the readers to select books and the staff to put away the books. The library service desk is displayed with double synchronous screens, which can immediately make readers know information on book borrowing.

While serving the readers, the reading room actively explores the “reading therapy” for the purpose to solving psychological problems of some students since 1995. Aiming for help students to relieve worries and pressure, the method is popular among students and some universities and press in our country are also becoming to show concern about this.

The literature search room is now possessed the database of CBMdisc, MEDLine, which can carry up the all-year-around service of literature retrieval, novelty search, information consulting. With the total teaching period of more than 1800 hours, the office of literature retrieval takes up the teaching work for all the postgraduates, undergraduates and junior college students in Taishan Medical University.