Research Center of Life Sciences

Bioscience Research Center

Based on the foundation of Preclinical Medicine Research Center in 2001, Bioscience Research Center is formally established in 2011 after several changes. Bioscience Research Center is the advanced scientific research institution as well as the important scientific research platform and postgraduate training base of Taishan Medical University. It covers an area of 5,000 square meters and the total cost of the equipment is more than 36 million Yuan. It has more than 20 laboratories with 33 permanent staffs, which serves for scientific researchers and graduate student of the university.

Bioscience Research Center has four research institutes; they are Institute of Atherosclerosis (the Key Laboratory of Atherosclerosis), Institute of Brain Science (the Key Laboratory of Cerebral Microcirculation); Institute of Immunology and Institute of Neurobiology. The full-time and part-time researchers are totally more than 50, among which there are 14 professors and 20 more vice professors. People’s Government of Shandong Province appoints professor Qin Shucun to be “Distinguished Professor of Taishan Scholar”, appoints professor Tang Hua to be “Distinguished Overseas Expert of Taishan Scholar”and appoints professor Sun Baoliang to be “Distinguished Professor of Taishan Scholar”. In 2011, the Laboratory of Cerebral Microcirculation was awarded the key laboratory whose construction should be strengthened during the “Twelfth Five-Year” period in Shandong province and the Laboratory of Atherosclerosis was awarded the key laboratory in universities during the “Twelfth Five-Year” period in Shandong province. Bioscience Research Center also has animal experiment laboratory that can provide animals for breeding and experiment researches for researchers and graduate students.

The four research institutes of Bioscience Research Center undertake 14 national scientific research projects such as National Natural Science Foundation and 18 provincial scientific research projects such as Shandong Province Science and Technology Research Plan and Provincial Natural Science Foundation. In recent years, the research center has accomplished 8 national scientific research projects and 9 provincial scientific research projects. It has got one second prize and one third prize of Shandong province natural science; one second prize and two third prize of Shandong province science and technology progress and 12 science and technology awards of departmental level. Besides, it publishes more than 60 papers on the source journals included by SCI.