Research Management

As one of the middle school administrative department, the main task of the scientific research office is to directly implement the whole school scientific research management under the leadership of the school party committee. It takes the overall responsibility for the scientific research construction of key laboratories, research institutions, science and technology planning, academic communication, scientific research teams, transformation of scientific and technological information, science and technology development, appraisal achievements and management work of the school. Below it, it has offices of plan division, scientific research platform and base construction, achievements and intellectual property, etc. Under the leadership of the school, the scientific research office always adheres to the essence of the development. With diligently enterprising, actively working, it hopes to make contributions to the new level of scientific research in our school.

Until now, there are 6 persons and an affiliated institution --- the journal editorial office in the scientific research office. The main responsibilities of the scientific research office are as follows,

1. To formulate the annual plan and long-term planning of science and technology work according to the policies of national science and technology and the requirement of training talents.

2. To organize the declaration of subjects in the teaching, scientific research personnel and the relevant authorities. To review, assess, declare the assignment, and get fund in multi-channel for scientific research projects.

3. To check the progress of various scientific research projects, adjust our cooperation with other units, and to approve the collaboration contract with other units.

4. To complete the work of appraisal, declaration, the selection and rewards of technical and theoretical achievements, to encourage scientific research personnel to declare the patent, and be responsible for recommending the corresponding reward to superiors.

5. To organize and manage the development and transfer of scientific and technological achievements in our school.

6. To formulate relevant scientific research management system, and complete the management of the research distribution use.

7. To be responsible for the management of scientific research institutions.

8. To be responsible for the supervision and inspection of key construction, and be in charge of review, evaluation, inspection and acceptance of work of our national and provincial key construction.

9. To carry out extensive academic exchanges and organize academic activities.

10. To be responsible for the management of files of scientific research and science and technology personnel and do a good job in keeping technology secret and annual statistical work of science and technology.

11. To undertake other tasks assigned by the leaders.