Key Construction
The Key Discipline of Shandong Province during the twelfth Five Year Plan--- Pathogenic Biology
hit: date:2014-04-25

The current subject is equipped with 7 tutors for graduate, and nearly 45% staffs have got the senior professional title. The discipline leader Professor Yu Ailian is awarded as one of the National Outstanding Teachers and Shandong provincial teaching masters, enjoying special government allowances of the state council.

After years of accumulation, Pathogenic Biology has formed three research directions: Infection and Reproductive Health, Infectious Disease Pathogens of Vector Biology and Molecular Biology.

In the recent five years, the discipline has undertaken and accomplished 3 projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 sub-project on major infectious diseases of the special project of Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 sub-project of the National Commission for Population and Family Planning, 1 key project supported by the Department of Science and Technology of Shandong province, 3 projects supported by Shandong Academic Rewarding Foundation for Outstanding Young Scientists, 1 project supported by Shandong Natural Science Foundation, more than 20 provincial projects, and 4 identification results. 1 item has won the second prize of progress in scientific and technology of Shandong province, 2 items have won the third prize, more than 10 items have got the departmental rewards; There are 5 patent applications, 1 authorized invention patent and 1 patent for utility models; more than 90 papers have been published, among which are 6 papers published in SCI source journals and 70 ones in core journals.