Key Construction
The Strengthening College Key Laboratory of Shandong Province during the twelfth Five Year Plan --- The Cerebral Microcirculation Laboratory
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In 2001, The lab was approved by the Shandong Provincial Department of Education as the provincial key laboratory to strengthen the construction of key laboratories, in 2006 it was approved as one of the key laboratories of Shandong Province during the 11th Five Year Plan, in 2011 it was approved as the Strengthening College Key Laboratory of Shandong Province during the 12th Five Year Plan. The laboratory is the only specialized laboratory of cerebral microcirculation in China.

The Lab has formed four stable research directions: Microcirculation Mechanism and Prevention of Brain Diseases, Cerebral Microcirculation and Lymphatic Drainage and Neuronal Injury and Repair, Mechanism of Brain Injury and Brain Protection of Epilepsy, and Microvascular Control Regulation and Protection and Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease

The lab began to recruit graduate students (affiliated to Qingdao Medical College) from 1994. It started to recruit graduate students with Shandong Medical University from 1995; from 2002 it began to enroll graduate students independently. It began to offer joint training to doctoral students with Union Medical University in 2001, and in the same year professor Xia Zuoli was approved as the doctoral tutor by Shandong University. In 2006 it was added to Shandong University as the postdoctoral research station. During 2006-2010 it has recruited and trained 3 doctoral students and 72 graduate students jointing with Shandong University, The students have published 62 academic papers in SCI journals and core journals, and have obtained 2 patents. 1 graduate student has got the award of international academic conference.

The lab has made outstanding achievements in the academic exchanges. In 2008, it successfully hosted the seventh Asia Conference of Microcirculation. It has repeatedly invited well-known experts home and abroad to give lectures and many domestic and foreign scholars to carry out the research work. It has accepted numerous doctoral and graduate students from domestic universities to do research. 6 laboratory personnel have done research study and cooperation project in foreign scientific research institutions.