Key Construction
The key discipline of Medicine and Health Care in Shandong Province: Geriatrics
hit: date:2014-04-25

Geriatrics department has 11 the chief physicians and professors, 18 the associate chief physicians and associate professors, 1 doctoral tutor, 10 supervisors of postgraduate, 5 teachers with Ph.D., and 20 masters of medicine. Among them there is 1 person enjoying government allowances of the state council, 2 provincial middle-aged and young academic backbones, 2 young and middle-aged academic backbones in the school, 5 middle-aged and young backbones in the department. The subject leading Professor Xia Zuoli has carried out the doctoral training with Shandong University.

We have invited many well-known experts from Ehime University in Japan, Medicine Department of Yonsei University in Korea, Australia and Taiwan to give lectures to the college and sent staff to study in the United States and other countries and domestic big hospitals for further study more than once. The major cooperation projects participated by this division is the international cooperation project “CCS-2” initiated by Medical Center in British Oxford University and Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital in Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Since 2003, we have undertaken and completed more than 20 items at all levels, including 3 National Natural Science Fund projects, 5 provincial Natural Science Fund projects, 10 other provincial projects, 17 municipal projects, 15 projects entrusted by enterprises.