Key Construction
The Provincial Key Subject of Medicine and Health: Epilepsy Diagnosis and Treatment Center
hit: date:2014-04-25

The center has 23 professional technicians, among whom 9 are clinical professors and 7 associate clinical professors, 8 of which are with doctoral degree and 79% of which are with the master’s degree. There is one Outstanding Middle-aged and Young Expert of Shandong Province. Two of them are awarded as high-level talents of Shandong Health System and one receives the state council special allowance. Besides, a number of teachers in the center have ever been to America, Japan, South Korea as visiting scholar.

The center has epilepsy special clinic and the respective wards, with its experts learning from the renowned experts in epilepsy treatment home and abroad. Professor Zhang Jingjun, incumbent Section director,has made great accomplishments in treatment of epilepsy, for he has diagnosed and treated tens of thousands of epileptics and the overall effective rate is as high as 83%,close to 84%, the international highest level%. Therefore, remarkable economic results have been achieved

The center has developed such technologies as Ambulatory video EEG Monitoring and antiepileptic drug concentration detection, and with the use of advanced equipments, namely Electro Myograph, AEEG, Video EEG instrument, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, Central Station Monitor, top-quality medical service can be securely provided to patients.

In resent years, about 20 research projects supported by National and Provincial Nature Science Foundation were taken; 5 research achievements got national and provincial level appraisal; 12 awards of department level and higher were granted and 65 research papers were published, 19 of them included by SCI; part of the theory and research index was cited by textbooks and prestigious journals and won Shandong Provincial Award for Theoretical Achievement of Colleges and Universities, thus being appraised as the leading domestic level.