Campus Life
The Intercommunication Meeting of Excellent Alumni——Held by College of Management
hit: date:2014-03-21

In order to promote the students scientifically arrange the college life, comprehensively realize the methods and ways of searching for a job, absorb the successful experience and lessons of the seniors, and finally enhance the competitiveness, on the evening of March 20, College of Management hosted the intercommunication meeting of excellent alumni in the room 1014, south building. The meeting invited the graduate of the year 2008, Ying Hu, whose major is public service administration and now serves as the manager of BeiJing BaoCheng Management Limited Liability Company in Guan Zhou and Hu Bei region.

In the meeting, Yin Hu first introduced his own study and work experience and gave some sincere advice to the college students from the aspects of study, livelihood, and how to deal with others. He hoped the students can steadily and carefully learn the major, energetically take part in some competitive activities, keep exercising and enhance the ability. Yin Hu also expressed his feelings of his occupation in a humorous way and positively guided the college student from his own experiences and lessons. Afterwards, Yin Hu communicated with the students with some interesting questions.

This intercommunication meeting deeply analyzes the students’ confusion of the vocational outlook and makes them clearer about their career development direction. Meanwhile, the meeting also strengthens the realization towards livelihood, job employment of the college students, and provides them a solid foundation for entering the society.