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Cherish Every Drop of Water, Roam in the Big Blue——a photography contest oriented to water conservation was successfully held by the institute of population and family planning
hit: date:2014-03-22

To boost college students’ awareness of water conservation and environmental protection, the institute of population and family planning, held a photography contest successfully from Mar.15 to Mar.21, which is named “cherish every drop of water, roam in the big blue” for the coming of World Water Day.

During the competition, students participated actively by taking up cameras to record their comprehension towards treasuring water resources in daily life. Some pictures illustrate the importance of water by presenting a scene that spring water spews joyfully in hometown; some works demonstrate the wonderful moments of domestic water’s recycle. After the selection, participants Ji Tingting and Liu Xuezhu stood out prominently and topped the list; Li Xiao, Song Meidi and Gao Chengying won the second prize; then Wu Hao, Li Shuang, Li lingling,Chu Qun and Ren Wenyu were awarded the third prize.

This contest, on the one hand, shows the photography elegance of the contemporary university students, meanwhile, enhances their ability to discover and display things around them. On the other hand, it awakes students to realize the severe actuality of water resources scarcity, thus, further reinforces students’ consciousness of water saving. At last, many students firmly signify that they will cherish water and preserve environment personally, thus making their own contribution to build a beautiful homeland.