Campus Life
Entering Children Welfare and Learning from Lei Feng Activity Named “Love Forever” Was Held by College of Biology and Science
hit: date:2014-03-31

For further spreading Lei Feng spirit, encouraging the youth to provide better services, strengthening the social responsibility of the contemporary college students, deepening learning from Lei Feng activity, on March 30, the youth volunteer group from College of Biology and Science of Tai Shan Medical University held the activity ——entering the children welfare which is named “Love Forever”.

The staff of the children welfare introduced the development history to our volunteers and our volunteers also sent the meticulously prepared gifts to the children. Looking at the bright smile of the children, we all felt comforting. The songs and dances performed by our volunteers made the children so happy, and their brightness and innocence infected all of us. Afterwards, the volunteers interacted with the children guided by the stuff and did something what we can, such as arranged the activity room, room cleaning, and hearing the silvery laughter and looking at the hearty smile of the children, each of us felt their strong will and satisfaction. The warm-hearted consolation brought by our youth volunteer group made the children feel the tenderness without their families’ company. When we departed, a sense of reluctance pervaded in the air, and with full of warmth and unforgettable memories, we left.

Through this dedication of love activity and by spreading Lei Feng spirit among students, it does not only enrich the after-class activity, exercise the social practice ability of the college students, but also makes all of us have a full understanding of the children who lack of love and better realize the social responsibility. This kind of activity cultivates the unselfishness virtue like dedication and appreciation of the college students in a good way.