Campus Life
The Opening of the Sixth Food Culture Festival——Held by College of Pharmacy
hit: date:2014-04-03

For further promoting food culture, advocating healthy diet, encouraging civilized dinning, the College of Pharmacy held the activity named “Fruit Party Competition” on the evening of April 2. This activity serves as the opening of the sixth food culture festival and draws all instructors and class teachers participate in.

The fruit party competition falls into two phases which respectively called “Food carving salon” and “Fruit Plate”, and all thirteen groups take part in. The competition was so fierce. The works demonstrate our students’ unrestrained imagination and creativity, and all kinds of innovative design which embody profound meaning stand out. From the animated “Crane” to “Dream of the Blue” which means the growing of the students in our campus, and also the “Die Lian Hua” carved in the use of carrot and lettuce, all the works are vibrant in colors, ingenious and attractive.

In the bustling manufacturing process, the audience and the host interacted positively. The questions such as which fruit is considered as “happy fruit”, or what kind of food should be avoided if you caught a cold, not only inspires the spot atmosphere, but also enriches students’ basic knowledge about diet. After intense competition, the work “Die Lian Hua” made by Class 2, Year of 2013 representative team from Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technology and “Let Love Fly” made by Class3, Year of 2013 representative team from Pharmacy won the first award.

The food culture festival aims to increase students’ attention towards healthy diet, and the activity “Fruit Party Competition” furthermore offers a good platform for happy learning and eating.