Campus Life
The Photographic Exhibition——“Power of Life” Successfully Held by College of Biology and Science
hit: date:2014-04-12

In order to make students know more about the meaning of life, widen the artistic horizon, uphold the spirituality of the college students, enhance the respect towards life, and meanwhile promote the college students to learn much knowledge about the plant, the College of Biology and Science held the photographic exhibition named “Power of Life”.

The activity appeals to many students of different faculties, and they took many photos from their own perspective and understanding of “Power of Life”. The activity collected more than 200 works which mainly focus on the scenery of our campus. In their works, the plants, animals and characters become lifelike and show the power of life. After careful discussion and selection, the students Lu Qimei, Wang Yilin have got the first award, and the other 15 students represented by Shan Changzheng have won the second award, third award and honorable award. At present, the award-winning works are exhibiting in the hall of South C building, and attract many students. The power of life embodying in the photos deeply appeals to many students and arose their realization and consideration towards the true essence of life.

The activity shows the photographic elegance of the contemporary students, improves their ability of discovering and exhibiting the things surrounding us, and meanwhile strengthens their realization to life, which makes them better cherish and treasure life.