Campus Life
The Seventh Aerobics Competition Ended in Our School
hit: date:2014-05-22

On May 22, organized by the TMU Youth League Committee, department of biological science, the seventh aerobics competition was held in Wenyuan square with the slogan of “dance condensed TMU spirit medicine, dance with Chinese dream”. 12 teams took part in the competition.

The competition began with dynamic beautiful street dance of “Turn up the Music”. With kinetic music, gorgeous and colorful lights, each team gave a vibrant, passionate calisthenics performance to the audience. With graceful dance, the students interpreted the concept of being natural, healthy, and vibrant of aerobics. The performance was interspersed with the dance rhyme yoga “myth”, songs and calligraphy “Chinese wind”, which brought a different visual enjoyment to the audience.

After the fierce competition, the department of biological sciences and the department of radiation won the first prize, the departments of public health, nursing, basic medical college, and information engineering won second prize, the departments of foreign languages, management, pharmacy, sports medicine and rehabilitation, dentistry medicine, and chemical industry won the third prize.

Our school has successfully held seven sessions of aerobics since 2008, which provides a learning platform for aerobics fans in music, dance, sports exchange, and also plays a role in enriching the campus cultural life, improving students’ physical quality, and enhancing students’ team consciousness.