Campus Life
The Ninth Campus Singing Competition
hit: date:2014-06-10

In the evening of May 29, the ninth campus singing competition was held on wenyuan plaza .Vice president Peng Chunlei from our school and vice manger Han Guoqing from Singapore yet heng industrial co., LTD attended the activity and presented rewards to the winners.

16 contestants from 14 colleges joined the finals after preliminary contest and quarter-final,the contestant showed their beautiful singing by their own understanding of music. Xv Xinhan and Lei Xinhao from college of radiology and Wu Jie from college of information engineering won the first prize; Sun Bing from college of pharmacy, Zhang Chong from college of information engineering,Dong Xinyang from college of nursing and Zhang Hanrong from college of radiology won the second prize in the end

This competition was organized by the school youth league committee and supported by students committee. The league secretary and deputy secretary of the colleges with more than 5000 teachers and students watched the match.