Campus Life
Welcome party for freshman and opening ceremony of cultural festival
hit: date:2014-09-26

In the evening of September 25, “Greet national holiday, Greet 40 years anniversary of the founding of school” variety show was held in Wenyuan square. Party Secretary Wang Changsong and vice president Xv Shufeng attended the party.

Xv Shufeng extended welcome to the Grade 2014 students on be half of Party committee and administrative departments, she hoped that the new comers would know the history and the succeed by the coming of 40 years anniversary of the independent operation of school. She encouraged students could take the cultural festival as the platform, embody the talent, improve the comprehensive quality, build the bright future of school by the joint effort by teachers and students.

The party started by the hot youth dance, the beautiful music, the combination of paper-cutting, calligraphy, and music instrument playing brought people to the palace of art; the recitation expressed the love of school; folk dance, Indian dance, latin dance, and model show impressed the audience; the last program came from nunchakus association, their excellent performance expressed the spirit of Chinese youth, and pushed the party to the new high.

The party was hosted by youth league and undertaken by students association union, students’ organization and youth volunteers. The responsible staff, Party Secretaries and deputy Party secretaries, secretaries and deputy secretaries of youth league together with all the new students joined the activity.