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Sprinkle color for Spring Festival
hit: date:2017-03-12

The festival of Holi, usually held during late February of early March, is Lunar New Year Day equivalent in India & Nepal. It is one of the most important festivals celebrated by them and since this is a festival of colours and joy, people of all religion and origin celebrate it with pomp and joy. It is the festival of colour and it is translated in Chinese as ‘洒红节’ – sa hong jie. This festivals is also not limited to these 2 countries. People from all countries can celebrate this festival.

Colours of all shades are mixed with water and made into a paste and pasted into each others face. In think I think it is should be called ‘spalsh of ink’ or ‘splash colour festival’. People can freely splash each other, painting each others face with colourful powders and paste, making them look colourful and bright, or they can even mix in a bucket of water and pour the water over each other. Everyone celebrates this festival together with their family, friends, colleagues and even with strangers. its basic spirit is that every time can play tricks on everyone and derive happiness and in doing so, break social barriers and make new friends. This festival also brings about unity and love among people from all countries studying in our university, as they can celebrate this festival together. Taishan Medical University is elated with the way they like to celebrate this special holiday.