Campus Life
The Opening of the Ninth Computer and Technology Culture Festival——Held by College of Information and Engineering
hit: date:2014-03-14

On the evening of April 13, the photo collection and showing contest named “Feeling Unity in Happiness, and Chasing Excellence in Unity” and the opening of the ninth computer and technology culture festival was held by College of Information and Engineering in the lecture hall of physical building.

After fierce competition, 7 representative teams reached the final. The stories of our youth tell various funs around us, the united paean eulogizes the deep friendship between us, and the profound performance reveals the positive life of us. The different performance like the two-man comic show, short sketch, drama, stage play, song and dance all creates the same wonderful highlights. Finally, the College of Information and Engineering and the College of Nursing got the first award.

The computer and technology culture festival is one of our department traditional and characteristic activities which come to its ninth term, and after integrated the major with second class, the festival not only enriches our student’s after-class life, but also advanced their professional skill. Many activities will be held in this computer and technology culture festival, such as, graphic design contest named “Living Youth Up, Flying Dream High”, animation design contest, themed shoots contest named “Pretty Girls”, and essay competition themed “Development for Forty Years, Feeling Changes of Taishan Medical University, and Exhibiting of the Students”.