Notice on Collecting the Name of the Building in the Main Campus of TMU and the “Taiyi Ode” Essay
hit: date:2014-04-06

The name of school buildings is a very important part in the campus cultural construction, which plays a vital role in building the campus cultural atmosphere and improving the campus cultural taste. To manifest the cultural deposits and the humanistic connotation in a better way, according to the demand of the party committee of our school, combined with the 40 anniversary of running independently, the 123 anniversary activity of our school history, and the construction plan of campus image recognition system, now we collect the name of the building in the main campus and the “Taiyi Ode” essay.

Ways of the contribution,

1. Mail, E-mail, Contributing directly, and so on.

2. Mail address: The Party Committee Propaganda Department of Taishan Medical University, No.619 of Chang Cheng road, Tai’an, Shandong province.

E-mail address:

Contact: Ren Weibing; TEL:0538-6222210.

The Party Committee Propaganda Department of Taishan Medical University

April 17, 2014