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Graduation Ceremony of 2017 for More than 5800 College Graduates and Undergraduates
hit: date:2017-07-05

This year's Graduation Ceremony was held on June 26th and July 5th respectively, with more than 5800 college graduates and undergraduates successfully graduating.

University leaders including Peng Chunlei, Wang Qingbao, Xu Shufeng, Liu Tailai, Wang Pengcheng, and Jiang Zhenjia attended the Ceremony,and awarded honorary certificates, degree certificates and diplomas to graduates.

They congratulated the graduates on their excellent performance and achievements in their studies, and gave their highest respect to the teachers who kept being dedicated to the graduates. They hoped graduates do not forget their original ambition, stand the temptation and frustration, fight against pressure, maintain independent personality and the spirit of freedom. They also suggested graduates well planning their career, sticking to professional spirit, keeping lifelong learning, and always being grateful to life.

Teachers representatives from various schools gave their heartfelt wishes to graduates, and graduates representatives also expressed their gratitude for teachers in their speeches.