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Postgraduate Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony
hit: date:2017-07-05

Postgraduate graduation and degree awarding ceremony of Grade 2017 was held on July 5. L Wang Qingbao, Xu Shufeng, Liu Tailai, Wang Pengcheng, Jiang and tutor representatives attended the ceremony. Vice president Xu Shufeng presided at the ceremony.

Vice president Wang Pengcheng read the bulletin on the recognition of 2017 outstanding postgraduates in Shandong Province, and the school leaders awarded the certificates of honor to the provincial outstanding postgraduates. On behalf of all the tutors, Professor Cao Xiaoqun hoped that the graduates would insist on their dreams and responsibilities in the face of whatever difficulties and challenges and continue lifelong learning and improvement. On behalf of all graduates, Zheng Runquan made a speech, offering the most sincere thanks to the alma maters’ training and the teachers’ care. He promised that they would always remember teachers’ teachings and live up to the hopes and expectations of the alma maters.

Vice president Wang Qingbao encouraged students to cherish the historical opportunities and to make great efforts to realize the value of life in the journey to serve the country and the society. At the same time, he expressed his wishes: firstly, to be down-to-earth and have firm perseverance; secondly, to worship noble moral and have willingness in self-cultivation; thirdly, to be bold in responsibility and contribution; fourthly, to be aggressive and creative.

Accompanied by cheerful music, in a solemn and warm atmosphere, the school leaders awarded the master’s degree certificates to 2017 master graduates.