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The 7th Session of Basic Clinical Skills Contest Successfully Concluded
hit: date:2017-07-06

On the afternoon of July 4th, the award ceremony of the 7th Session of Basic Clinical Skills Contest was held in Tianwaicun Stadium, marking the successful ending of this event. Vice President Wang Pengcheng presented awards for individual and organization winners. Xu Hui, Director of Study Affairs Office, presided over the ceremony, and Cheng Weiping, Director of the Clinical Skills Center of Affiliated Hospital of Taishan Medical University, read the list of the winners.

Wang Pengcheng made highly affirmative remarks about this event. He pointed out that clinical medicine is a practical discipline, medical

students should not only develop a solid theoretical basis, but also master the basic medical experimental skills, in order to fully, systematically carry out standardized and correct clinical operations. The university will further focus on the reform of clinical teaching contents and teaching model centered on improving students’ clinical skills; strengthen the reform of teaching methods and means, promoting case-based, heuristic method, seminar-based and PBL model to encourage students to actively think, boldly question, and effectively improve their independent learning ability and innovative spirit.

The Contest has attracted 23 teams of undergraduates from both Clinical Medical Science and Clinical Medical Science (family planning medical direction). The contest involved the basic skills of diagnostics and surgical generalology, including physical examination, case analysis, puncture technique, electrocardiogram interpretation, disinfection shop towels, wear sterile gloves, knot stitching, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. During the event, there was also an intense surgical knotting contest. After the preliminaries, semi-finals, and the final round, the competition produced 3 groups of first prize, 5 groups of second prize, and 15 groups of third prize; 17 excellent individuals, and 6 winners of Surgical Knotting Challenge.

Basic Clinical Skills Contest has already been a regular event of Clinical Medical Science at our university, and its organizational form has been in line with National Clinical Skills Contest. This kind of contest can not only standardize basic clinical skills training, but also improve teaching quality and students’ operative ability and cooperative spirit.

The contest was endorsed by Study Affairs Office and organized by Affiliated Hospital of Taishan Medical University, School of Basic Medical Science, and the Second School of Clinical Medical Science.