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Graduation Ceremony in the Ward --- A Diploma Issued for Wan Shuangxia at Hospital
hit: date:2017-07-14

On July 14th, some teachers and students visited Wan Shuangxia, the Grade 2017 graduate of Medical Laboratory Technology, conveying the concern of the faculty of the public health school, and held a special graduation ceremony for her. The Vice President of the public health school Jiang Xinquan awarded a diploma for Wan Shuangxia in the ward. Although it was only one student’s graduation ceremony, there were not many teachers and students congratulating to her, and it was only a small ceremony held in the ward, the ceremony was still solemn in a different way---full of warmth and emotion. Wan Shuangxia’s mother was moved to tears; she said with deep feeling: “The university and teachers didn’t forget us. You have touched us so much that we feel warm deeply.” It was the confidence and courage from the teachers and students who cared for Wan Shuangxia that encouraged her to overcome the difficulties and disease.

On May 21, 2015, Wan Shuangxia suddenly suffered from acute severe myelitis and was paralyzed. After hearing the news, teachers of the School of Public Health arranged for her hospitalization in no time, and called on teachers and students to donate for her. At the same time, through a various media, they appealed to people to donate money in the whole society. More than two years passed, through active treatment and careful nursing of the medical staff in the Affiliated Hospital, Wan Shuangxia got better, and began her systematic rehabilitation treatment. Although the disease afflicted Wan Shuangxia, she never gave up learning. In the struggle with the disease, she overcame unimaginable difficulties, made up for the missed lessons, and completed her studies successfully. Sitting in a wheelchair, Wan Shuangxia received the diploma and flowers excitedly, with thin face filled with joy.