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Lectures on "Educational Concept Promotion Program" in 2017 Summer End Successfully
hit: date:2017-08-25

On August 24, Professor Huang Qiaobing from School of Basic Medicine of Southern Medical University, and Professor Qi Jianguang, Deputy Director of Department of Pediatrics, First Hospital of Peking University, were invited to give lectures titled “Exploration and Reflection on the Reform of Medical Curriculum Integration” and “The Application of Mini-CEX, DOPS, SOAP, Formative Evaluation and Other Teaching Methods in Clinical Teaching” respectively.

In light of the current situation of personnel training model reform, reasons for the curriculum integration, an introduction of curriculum integration in Southern Medical University, specific processes of the curriculum reform, and reflection on the reform were covered in Professor Huang Qiaobing’s report. Professor Huang Qiaobing also touched upon the evolution of medical education model, the promotion of personnel training by curriculum reform, and early-stage preparation, working out overall planning, and measures for the implementation of the curriculum reform.

Proceeding from modern medical education problems, Professor Qi Jianguang gave a detailed introduction to the application of DOPS, SOAP, formative evaluation and other teaching methods in clinical teaching, and on the basis of some medical cases, he also stressed that clinical medical education reform should be ability oriented, and students should be encouraged to have as much and early clinical experience as possible.

The conclusion of the two reports means a successful ending of "Education Concept Promotion Program" in 2017 summer. The five experts and scholars invited in this program work on education management or are in front-line teaching in China’s well-known medical universities. The lectures covered such aspects as the characteristics, ideas and thinking of medical education, the development of educational informationization, training model reform and the application of specific teaching methods.

(Translated by Jiang Qiuyong, Checked by Zhu Yuanzhong)