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"Happy Mid-Autumn Day, Celebration Worldwide"----Interesting Activity about Mid-Autumn Culture in the School of International Education
hit: date:2017-10-06

As the bright moon shines over the sea,From far away you share this moment with me.

On the occasion of the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the School of International Education in TSMU held an interesting activity about Mid-Autumn culture on the theme of "Happy Mid-Autumn Day, Celebration Worldwide " on Oct.2nd.

The 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is Chinese traditional festival - Mid Autumn Festival. In the celebration of the whole country, the moment of family reunion, the activity gives students a platform to understand the charm of traditional Chinese festivals and the Chinese traditional culture is of long standing.

The party officially kicked off in the Mutawakilu host Tahiru Garner (Chinese name Zhang Jun)'s opening words. The host is humorous and replete with witty sayings, attracting the students to laughing. Firstly, The party introduced the origin and customs of the Mid Autumn Festival, and let the students fully understand the Mid-Autumn festival. In China, The myth of the "Chang'E Flying to the Moon" wins universal praise. A dancing Chang'E acted by a Chinese student present verve and vitality of mythology and introduce the Chang'e fairy and Wu Gang's poignant love story. Then "Chang E" leisurely down and hand sweet moon cakes which symbolize reunion to the students. They all smile happily.

The activity arranged a fun game part. The game of team cooperation "chopsticks jujube relay"; the game of individual reaction ability "grab stool";the game of reflecting tacit agreement among close friends "tacit big test"; and the game of performing talent "your gestures I guess". Management teachers and students actively participated in each game, which created a warm atmosphere. The students ate sweet moon cakes with a happy smile on their faces.

At last,there had a ball. All students dressed up, wearing their national costumes with their national characteristics and jump with their national characteristics of the music spin. In the colorful lights against the background, they are like a wizard of the general eyeballs. Happy time is always short and memorable. One earth, a moon. Unconsciously, the activity was drawing to a close, and all the people present took pictures together. The activities were successfully concluded in the cheers of the students.